Event Secretary


Being Wait Listed

What does it mean to be on a "wait list"?

It means that currently we can not fit your entry into the draw. This may be due to the venue, facilities available, class size, timing or judge work load.

What happens next?

If we receive a suitable scratching we will notify the next person on the wait list. We will contact you using the email and phone contact details supplied with your entry.

What are my options?

If we contact you with a scratching place you can

Accept the place in which case all normal scratching and refund rules will apply. OR Decline the place and receive a full refund (less any late entry fees if applicable).

What if a scratching place does not become available?

If we do not contact you with a scratching place you will automatically receive a full refund (less any late entry fees if applicable) which will be processed on the next business day after the event. Please allow 2-3 business days for bank transfers.

If you are contacted regarding a scratching. Please reply as soon as possible as otherwise we will need to offer the place to the next rider on the list.

Please Note: We cannot anticipate if or when a scratching will occur.

We are notified of a scratching when a rider discovers that their horse is sick or injured or they themselves become sick or injured. Not all riders are courteous enough to notify us of their scratching and many leave it to the last minute in the hope that their circumstances will change. As soon as we are notified of a scratching we will work to fill the scratching.