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Online Entry, this is where it all starts, it is easy to use and does away with paper entries, cheques and time consuming data entry. Some committees in the past have been concerned that changing their entry procedure will mean a drop in entries, we find that most clubs report a 10% to 15% increase in entries. There are now many competitions on each weekend, and riders will go to competitions that are easier to enter. So make sure you are not losing entries by getting online now.

What are the Benefits?

There are so many benefits from having your event online, that you will wonder why you did not do this earlier.

Flexibility - We all live such busy lives and often only have a small amount of spare time to worry about entering competitions. Whether it be sitting on the train using your mobile phone, sitting in bed with your tablet or catching a spare moment on your computer at work, you can complete an entry in under a minute. No more finding an envelope and a stamp, and then tracking down a letter box, then wondering whether your entry has got to the right person in time.

Accurate Information - Our expertly crafted forms ensure that you receive all the details required rather than trying to decipher someone's handwriting.

Timely Information - In the past the closing day for events had to be set three to four days earlier to allow for the snail mail to arrive. Now you can close entries on Tuesday and produce the draw on Wednesday.

Free Advertising - Not everyone is going to pick up your event flyer at an event or goto your clubs' web site. Where better to get your event seen than with other events. Reach a wider audience as we cater to all associations and all disciplines. Our research shows that people who visit our site will often enter multiple events in the one visit.

Simple Payment - Filling out cheque deposit slips can take you several hours, then you need to waste more time getting to a bank during business hours, finally you have deposited all your funds to find that a cheque bounces because someone has forgotten that they wrote the cheque 6 weeks ago and that it has not been cashed. Replace that headache with the knowledge that you will receive one electronic payment directly into your bank account with an itemised statement clearly outlining every payment and what it was for. Believe us, your treasurer will love you once you switch to online entries.

Simple Refunds - Riders scratching is just the nature of equestrian events. However having to write a cheque to refund the entry, having it signed by two people, completing an envelope, and finding time to post it is just too time consuming. Sending a payment via a direct deposit requires asking the rider to provide their banking details, then finding time to arrange the transfer. Refunding through EventSecretary takes just seconds and ensures that your riders receive their refund as quickly as possible. Our Scratching and Refund policy is clear and fair.

Easy to use - We understand that not every competition is the same and support HRCAV, EA, PCAV, AMGA and Interschool events. We have templates that easily guide the rider through the entry process. Our templates use a single page approach so that riders can see exactly what they need to enter from the first field to the payment button.

No Lost Entries - With our electronic system there is no such thing as an entry lost in the mail. Upon payment both the rider and entry coordinator receive an email notification confirming all the details that were entered. The confirmation email establishes a connection between the rider and the entry coordinator by allowing the rider to simply reply to the email to ask questions that they may have.

Extra Bonuses - As well as the entry details we can collect additional information and payment for items such as: Yards, Stables, Camping, Powered Sites, Meals, Merchandise, Facility fees, and Team details. And if you have a different requirement we can add that as well.

How does it work?

Firstly, send your program to sales@eventsecretary.com.au.

Next, we will get your event online and send you a link to approve the site.

We will then enable your site whilst you sit back and wait for entries to come in.

You may now choose to manage the entries your self or you can let us do that for your. Read More

If you choose to manage the entries your self, each time a rider enters you will immediately receive an email with the details. However we understand that you don't want to be cutting and pasting these details into a spreadsheet, so we supply you with a link allowing you to download all the entry details at any time in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet.

Once the event is over we will send you an itemised statement and will deposit all the funds (less any fees) to your nominated bank account.

Payment Services

Event Secretary does not handle the entry payment process we leave this to PayPal. Using a payment service like PayPal who manage millions of transactions per day ensures your riders financial details are being managed to the highest industry security standards. Read more on PCI compliance

We are often asked why we don't accept direct deposits. Whilst it may seem convenient it is extremely time consuming to correlate which deposits are for which rider, you can't control that the rider pays the correct amount of money and too often the rider enters the incorrect BSB or account number and you have to spend even longer chasing up the payment.

To pay using PayPal you do not need to have a PayPal account, you can simply enter your credit or debit card details. However creating an account provides even more flexibility.

How much does it cost?

We understand that your organising committee primarily run events to raise much needed funds for your organisation. With this in mind we stream line our services and provide you with options to reduce your fees as much as possible. We also like to be extremely transparent on what you are paying for.

The financial transaction fee (Braintree) is normally 2.8% plus $0.30 per order but as EventSecretary does such a large volume of business we receive a heavily discounted rate of only 1.5% plus $0.30 per order which we pass on in full to you.

If an order is refunded then the financial transaction of 1.5% fee is also refundable however the $0.30 per order is non-refundable.

To create the Online entry to meet the requirements for your event and to host your site the EventSecretary fee is 1.5% (Inc GST). Please note there is a minimum fee of $20 for the Event Secretary Online Fee.

In keeping our costs low we do ask that you provide an entry to your event for up to two of our team members.

Compare the pricing of our different plans.