Event Secretary

Online managed times

In addition to our Online/Managed service we can manage your event all the way up to the day of the event.

Producing a draw

So you now have riders entered in classes, but how do you work out a draw that works around all the constraints of your venue, facilities, judges, and riders? Just leave it to us, we produce the draw for several events every week so we have the expertise and know how!

To create the draw we will discuss with you any requirements or preferences you may have. For example, which classes you may want to ride first, which judges to judge which rings and starting/ finishing times. Once we have all the constraints we will produce a schedule and send it through to you for your perusal. Once we have an agreed upon schedule we will allocate times to each rider based on multiple rides, rider time preference requests and order of entry.

Once we have a completed draw we will send it through to you for final approval before sending it out to riders.

Publishing the draw

Once the draw is approved we will email the draw to each individual rider. The rider will receive a customised email with their specific times and rider number, as well as an attachment with the complete draw. Within the attachment we will include a Welcome letter from your club which will include information specific to your event, club, venue. We will work with you to ensure that riders are fully informed. The draw will also be uploaded to the Event Secretary web site and we can provide you with a copy of the draw if you want to upload it to your club website.

Once the draw is sent out there will always be scratchings, we will manage the wait list and move riders into these scratchings. By running a wait list you can ensure that you have as many riders as possible competing on the day, decreasing the number of competitors who miss out and increasing the final profit for your event.


In the past you may have stayed up on the Friday night before the event cutting and pasting spreadsheets? Well no longer. We will produce all the reports and run lists that you will need. We will produce PDFs for you to print for the following:

  • Office, alphabetical and by class
  • Ring Stewards and Gate Marshals
  • Gear Check
  • Dressage Judges
  • Scoring Sheets for Show Jumping
  • Yard Lists
  • Day Participation Lists (PCV)

How much does it cost?

Once your event is online the fee to manage the entries, the draw and all preparation prior to the event is $3.30 (Inc GST) per combination per competition.

Compare the pricing of our different plans.

What happens next?

The success of your event is often judged on the time that riders leave your event. No body likes standing around waiting for results to be posted. So read more about how EventSecretary can help you with the scoring of your event.