Event Secretary

Online managed times scoring

In addition to our Online/Managed/Times service we can also help with running of the event on the day.

Adding up

We all start scoring by creating an excel spreadsheet. Summing up scores is easy, however going to the next step is not easy. How do you add up four refusals on cross country to equal an Elimination? How do you place riders and evaluate all the rules for evaluating equality? How do you skip the right number of places when there are equals? What is the formula for calculating time penalties? The questions just keep rolling on. Our custom software developed by Software Engineers contains all the rules and formulas for EA, PCAV, HRCAV and Interschool events for all the disciplines of Horse Trials, Dressage, Combined Training and Showjumping including some of the less often used Supercross, Derby and Short Course. Our scoring system also includes Jackpots, Individual Champions and Team results.

But scoring is not just about a computer system that adds up numbers, our scorers have in depth knowledge of the rules from all the different organisations and are also trained in dispute resolution. Every event we score at for the first time; the immediate feedback, is "I have never been so stress free before, you guys just make running events so easy."

On the day we will bring all the IT equipment, all you need to do is provide a place for us to work, a place to put up the results and some lunch. It's that easy.

Publishing the results

During the event we can publish interim results to our live website. Read More

At the end of the event we upload your results to the Event Secretary web site. We dont just include the places, we provide a full break down of results including cross country and show jumping efforts.

We can also produce results sheets for Equestrian Australia and HRCAV as necessary.

The office

Checking riders in, handing out back numbers and answering questions from riders is very time consuming. Rather than allocate one of your experienced club members let us handle the front desk for you.

How much does it cost?

The number of riders will determine how many people you need to score. As a rule of thumb you will need one person per one hundred riders or eight dressage arenas. If your event will require more than one person, you may supply a helper or we can supply additional scorers. Please remember though that if you provide a helper they must be able to sit in the one place for long periods of time and not be scared of calculators and numbers.

The cost for a scorer is $275 (Inc GST) per day. There is also a travel fee of 44c/km (Inc GST) for the return journey to your venue. It is necessary to book in advance to ensure that we will have a scorer available for your event. Whilst we don't require a deposit, there is a $150 fee if you decide not to use our scoring service within 21 days of the event. If your event is cancelled due to events outside your control, such as flooding, fire, horse standstills, then a 20% fee will be charged.

For events that are over two or more days or ones that are more than a 2 hour drive away our scorer may require accommodation, usually billet or motel accommodation is acceptable. Sometimes if we are competing at your event we may bring our horse truck and will not require accommodation.

Compare the pricing of our different plans.

What happens next?

If you have got this far then you have no doubt run a successful event. Book in your next event to ensure that we reserve the date for you.