Event Secretary

Entry Management

Handling Changes and Queries

Once you have your event online riders will want to change horses, change riders, scratch and ask questions about the event. EventSecretary understands that you don't have time to check emails and answer phone calls 24/7. So leave all this to us.

As entries come in we will manage the number of riders in classes providing you with regular class counts. We will work closely with you in making decisions on how many riders your event can handle and how many classes at each level you will be able to accommodate. We will manage wait lists for classes so that you can ensure smooth running of the timetable on the event day and maximise the income for your club.

Scratchings are just part and parcel of equestrian events. We will manage the refund process in line with the scratching/refund policy, and where appropriate inform the next rider from the waitlist that they now have a position in the event. All refunds incur an administration fee which is passed onto you.

How much does it cost?

Once your event is online the fee is $1.10 (Inc GST) per combination per competition to manage the entries until the close of entries.

What happens next?

Once entries are closed you can sit back and relax allow us to produce a schedule and rider times or alternatively we will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet with all the rider details and you can produce the draw yourself. Read more about times management.

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