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Event Secretary is a family based company which assists Equestrian Events with Online Entries, Entry Management, Draw Creation and On the Day Scoring. Our goal is to make running horse events easier and less stressful for organisers and competitors so we can all focus more on our horse riding! Using Event Secretary is safe, efficient, reliable and you are dealing with local horse people.

Event Secretary provides 4 levels of service depending on how much control you would like to have over the event and how much work you would like to put in.

Customer testimonials

This is the first event I have been to in 12 months. Usually I am so busy I leave it to the last minute and end up missing out. It was so easy to enter. I went online and found this event and a couple of minutes later I was entered. I now only enter events on EventSecretary. HRCAV Rider

OMG its Sunday Karen....what are you doing at work? Ha ha. ...thank you SO much. I appreciate your support and prompt response. I didn't expect to hear anything back until tomorrow. EA Rider

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Karen and Brendan. Brendan you have been so accommodating and helpful organising the entries, times and draws and Karen thank you so much for yesterday it was such a pleasure to have you at our event it was actually a really fun day and so much less stressful having you doing the scoring, babysitting, window well you actually just jumped in and helped all over the place. You guys are the best and please don't ever stop doing event secretary. Kangaroo Ground Pony Club

1. Online only

Riders are able to enter and pay for your event online. The entry information is then sent directly to you. This level is ideal for organisers who want to have a high level of control over their events but are not experts in web design and online payments.

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2. Online managed

Riders enter the event online and this information is then sent to us at Event Secretary. We manage all the questions, queries, changes, scratchings and refunds until the closing date. We then send all of the entry details to you so you can create the draw for the event. This level is ideal for organisers who don’t want to manage the event over a long period of time before the event but would like to handle the draw and scoring on the day.

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3. Online managed and times

Riders enter the event online and this information is then sent to us at Event Secretary. We manage all the questions, queries, changes, scratchings, refunds for the event. Once entries have closed we then create the draw based on your preferences and requirements. We send the Times to riders and manage the wait list, last minute entries changes scratchings until the day of the event. We create running sheets for the office, and even send through the class details in an excel spreadsheet and pdf to enable you to do your own scoring. This level is ideal for smaller events where the scoring will not be too time consuming but assistance in managing the entries and the draw would be greatly appreciated.

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4. Online managed, times and scoring

This is the complete package. Riders enter online, we manage the entries, create the draw and do the scoring on the day allowing you to relax and enjoy the event. This level is ideal for new clubs and organisers who have a small volunteer workforce and need a bit of extra help.

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5. Live scoring

Provide your competitors and friends up to date results on their phone, tablet, and desktop through our responsive live web site.

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Online only
Online managed
Online managed & times
Online managed, times & scoring
Online entries
Online payment
Online results
Yard bookings
Camping bookings
Meal bookings
Rider profiles
Access to rules expertise
Series scoring
Manage queries
Waitlist management
Judges payments
Manage refunds
Manage camping
Manage dinner bookings
Manage yards
Manage bags of ice
Manage teams
Draw creation
Running sheets
Rider time allocation
Yard allocation
Live scoring
Office management
[1]Online 3.0% + 30c (Minimum $20)
Management $1.21 per combination
Online 3.0% + 30c
Management $3.20 per combination
Online 3.0% + 30c
[2]Scoring $275
Travel 44c/km
Management $3.20 per combination
Online 3.0% + 30c

1The Online fee includes the financial transaction fee of 1.5% + 30c. If a competitor receives a refund then the 1.5% transaction fee is refunded as well. The 30c fee is not refunded.

2Scoring is per person per day, the number of people required is dependent on the size of the event. Event Secretary has a team of scorers, however, it is best to book as early as possible to not be disappointed that we dont have anyone available.

3All prices include GST.