Event Secretary

Scratchings & Refunds


We understand that from time to time unforeseen circumstances occur and it is necessary to scratch from an event.

All refunds will incur an administration fee. ($10 per combination per competition or as stated within the terms and conditions for each event.)

There will be no refunds after the closing date (as specified in the program for the event) unless the event secretary for the event has been notified prior to ride time and a valid veterinary or doctor's medical certificate is supplied to the event secretary within 7 days of notification of scratching.

Please check the event program as some events will state that there are no refunds after the closing date.

Please note:

Veterinary and Medical certificates will be checked for validity.

Certificates must include:

  • Date of clinical visit and date range not fit for competition
  • Name of Rider or Horse as appropriate as listed on entry, if horse is known by paddock name please include both names
  • Name and contact details of clinic on clinic letterhead
  • Name and signature of the physician

We are not able to accept letters from Farriers, Masseurs, and Car Mechanics


If a scratching fulfils the terms and conditions for a refund, The funds will return to the account used to pay for the entry less the administration fee as applicable. Please allow 2-3 business days for bank transfers.